From Vision to Reality. How to Build a CX Program that Works

Building an impactful enterprise-grade CX program is not easy. While it makes sense to start by building a solid foundation and establishing initial frameworks, it’s also critical to keep thinking longer-term. Frequently, CX leaders get overwhelmed in the initial set-up stage focusing too much on establishing a basic program rather than on their business goals. Because of this, many organizations struggle to propel their CX efforts forward to truly engage the entire enterprise and demonstrate business impact.

To ensure success, CX Leaders must start with a vision of what that success looks like and set clear goals when designing their program. What does success look like at the 30, 60, or 90-day mark? How do you keep track of progress on a continuous basis?

Join Claire Sporton, SVP CX Innovation at Confirmit, and featured guest Faith Adams, Senior Analyst at Forrester, to learn:

• What differentiates a foundational program from a top-level one
• How each of these different levels of maturity has different needs
• How to chart your path to the next level of maturity (and avoid stagnation)
• How to determine who can help